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The first project activity entailed the mapping of existing nationalcurricula of secondary logistics and transport schools (EQF Level 4) in all four project countries. For this purpose, a SWOT analysis was carried out by the four core partners (UL FPP, ITL, AFT, FPZ) in order to analyse and summarise the strengths and weaknesses of the existing curricula. The results of this analysis served as one of the two pillars for the establishment of the training programme of the Summer Logistics School.

The second pillar was provided by the results of the analysis of the existing needs of the transport and logistics industry in terms of the professional knowledge, skills, and competences of graduates from VET Level 4 programmes in transport and logistics. The core partners of the project conducted a total of 49 interviews in different, mainly logistics, companies with the aim to determine the level of knowledge, skills, and competences of newcomers, graduates from VET Level 4 in transport and logistics, and to highlight the knowledge, skills, and competences that merit further investigation.

The main Intellectual Outputs of the first project activity are:

(1) analysis of secondary school curricula (Read the report)

(2) analysis of semi-structured interviews with experts from the logistics and transport industry (Read the report) and

(3) report on the SLS training objectives (Read the report).

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