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University of Ljubljana (UL) was founded in 1919 and is the oldest and the largest higher education and scientific research institution in Slovenia, with a very rich tradition. It encompasses 26 full members (3 art academies and 23 faculties) and three associated members (National University Library, University of Ljubljana Central Technical Library, University of Ljubljana Innovation-Development Institute).

In order to take advantage of its favorable littoral and geo-traffic position in Europe and enable efficient operation of the traffic system, Slovenia needs highly qualified experts. These experts should master the theory of systems, the theory of management, the problems concerning the exploitation of traffic infrastructure and transport means, technology and organization of traffic, transport logistics, information and communication technology support, operational research, economy and safety of traffic, traffic ecology, nautical and marine engineering knowledge etc. FPP is therefore a leading (and only) higher education institution in Slovenia that covers all these fields and enables to its students to become well educated, competence and skilled transport and logistics experts.