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Šolski center Celje

Pot na Lavo 22
3000 Celje

Phone: 00386 3 428 58 00

The mission of our school centre is to ensure and provide students with a developmentally appropriate education in all our school programs and to ensure our teachers' professionalism as well as the best educational conditions.

The institution has more than 50 years of experience in the field of vocational education. Throughout the time we developed and gained various additional skills and competences such as project management skills, ICT skills, organizational skills and a lot of experience by working with the environment (small and large businesses, artisans, social partners ...) in our region and beyond. We also have a lot of experience in organizing workshops, roundtables and training programs. 

Our school centre successfully connects students coming from different social backgrounds, cultures and nationalities, including migrants, adult learners and other vulnerable groups (early school leavers, students with learning disabilities etc.) by helping them to complete their education, gain employment and be in control of their lives.

Within this process - learning by doing - we have great experience working with our students. The benefits of such processes are of incalculable value to our students, teachers and partners. Such methods of work help all involved parties to practise and test acquired skills in the educational process. They develop critical thinking and deeper understanding of the subject and strengthen their professional, personal and vocational competencies and skills.   

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