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Minutes of the meeting

The fourth international meeting was organised on 20th and 21th of May in Zagreb. The meeting was organised by Croatian partner, Sveučilište v Zagrebu-Fakultet prometnih znanosti (FPZ). It took place at the Borongaj Kampus, Borongajska 83a,10 000 Zagreb, where the faculty is located.

All partners were presented. Elen Twrdy, Bojan Beškovnik and Patricija Bajec represented FPP. Ivona Bajor and Kristijan Rogić represented FPZ. Sarah Koneke from AFT and Eleonora Tu attended the meeting as well. Mauro Marchi represented from I.S. «Carlo d’Arco – Isabella d’Este», Marzia Minotti represented secondary school Berenini. Žiga Vuk and Haris Ćordić were from SIC Ljubljana, Ksenja Rožanski Fidler from ŠC Celje, Kristina Kompara and Primož Štekar from Šolski center Nova Gorica and Karlo Šoštarič from Škola za cestovni promet v Zagrebu.

Following is the agenda:

20th of May
14:00 Welcome speech (Kristijan Rogić, Patricija Bajec)

A1- Project Management (Patricija Bajec) (1h)

• Financial report & Interim Report
• Problems
• Past activities & presentation of IO
• Dissemination (Webpage, posters, etc.) & Exploitation & Sustainability

A4 – Pilot edition of the SLS (1h)

• Detailed schedule per each day & no. of participants & classroom numbers &
observers & potential problems (language knowledge) (Patricija Bajec)
• TM1 Lesson plans presentation (Patricija Bajec, Eleonora Tu)
• TM4 Lesson plans presentation (Sarah Koneke)
16:30– Coffee break
17:00 A4 –Pilot edition of the SLS
• TM2 Lesson plans presentation (Patricija Bajec, Eleonora Tu)
• TM3 Lesson plans presentation (Ivona Bajor, Kristijan Rogić)
• TM5 Lesson plans presentation (Mojca Poredoš - Skype call)
• Discussion & questions (all partners)

19:00 Dinner time

21th May 2019
9:00 A4 – Evaluation of SLS

• Framework for the evaluation of SLS & each partner’s role (Patricija Bajec)
• Pre-test for students & Pre-test for teachers (Sarah Koneke)
• Classroom observation (Violeta Jurkovič)
• On-line students survey & On-line teachers survey (Eleonora Tu)
• Interviews with trainers (Ivona Bajor)
• Discussion (all partners)

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 A4 – Pilot edition of the SLS

• Organisation of SLS (Patricija Bajec)
o Participants (number, names)
o Accommodation reservation, meals etc.
o Arrival on 8 September
o Skype call a week or two before SLS (last questions)
• Discussion (all partners)

12:30 Lunch time

14:00-16:00 Project's Next Steps

• Preparation of material for participants
• Needs of software used in TM1 and TM4
• Finalisation of the evaluation report
• Final conference in Portorož
• ME in Italy, France and Croatia
• Other

Question & Answers

Following topics were discussed and agreed:

- All trainers had to modify lesson plans for the training handbook. Italian partner ITL
needs to send content of the second TM as soon as the trainer is confirmed. After that, the
handbook will be sent to printing house, who will design the book and print it.

- SLS programme for each day of the school was presented to partners and two observers
per each day were confirmed.

- The list of SLS participants was upgraded. Two croatian teachers were added to the list.
The final list of participants includes 40 seconday school teachers and students from
Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Spain and France.

- FPP presented draft version of the teaching material to all participants and asked trainers
to prepare ppt presentations for the SLS by the beginning of August in order to finalise
the teaching material in time.

- FPP also presented guidelines for evaluating SLS. Partners confirmed it. Then all
evaluation templates were presented and finalised.

- All deadlines by the beginning of the SLS were defined and confirmed by all partners.
Partners also started to discuss topics of future project. The date of the last meeting and the
final conference in Portorož has not yet been defined.

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