Events calendar

The Kick off meeting was organized by UL, FPP, the leader of the project. It was held on 20th October in Portorož at UL, FPP (lecture room nr. 203). All ten partners of consortium attend the kick off. Six representatives were presented by UL, FPP, one from Šolski center Celje, three from I.I.S., two from Istituto di Istruzione Secondaria Superiore "A. Berenini", one from Fondazione Istituto sui trasporti e la logistica, two from Škola za cestovni promet, two from Sveučilište v Zagrebu, two from Srednja poklicna in strokovna šola Bežigrad, two from AFT and one from ŠCNG.


10am-11am: Welcome speech by Proff. Elen Twrdy (dean), Introduction of coordinator and the team by Patricija Bajec, Introduction of partners organisations by representative of each partner.

11am-12am: Erasmus+ NA introduction and rules explanation by Ms. Maja Godejša.

12am-12,20pm: Coffee break (lecture room nr. 203).

12,20am - 14pm: Project background presentation and Project management presentation.

14pm-15pm: Lunch Break.

15pm-16pm: Setting the guidelines for the Activity 1. of the project by Moncef Semichi & discussion.

16:00-16:30: Presentation of the Communication plan by Patricija Bajec.

The Kick off started with welcome speech of the dean of the UL, FPP, Ass. Elen Twrdy. She presented the UL and Faculty. Then Patricija Bajec, the leader of the project presented herself and the team (Elen Twrdy, Violeta Jurkovič, Tanja Brcko, Bojan Beškovnik and Vivien Lorenčič). After that all the partners were requested to present in brief each other and their institution. Ksenija Rožanski Fidler presented Šolski center Celje, Cinzia Compagnoni presented I.I.S  and two other team members. Fabio Avanzi presented A. Berenini. Jonathan Rosetti presented Fondazione Istituto sui trasporti e la logistica. Renata Heljić presented Škola za cestovni promet and her colleague Karlo Šoštarić. Kristijan Rogić presented Fakultet prometnih znanosti and his colleague Diana Božić. Žiga Vuk presented Srednja poklicna in strokovna šola Bežigrad and his colleague Haris Čordić. AFT and Sarah Koneke was presented by Moncef Semichi. Kristina Kompara presented ŠCNG.

The Kick of continued with very extensive presentation of Ms. Maja Godejša. She started with general presentation of  NA Cmepis and Erasmus+, followed by its mission, strategic partnership in SI, brief presentation of our project, challenges, general financial rules, funding, meetings, activities, budget, IT tools. The presentations ended with discussion and explanation of the reasons for cutting the requested budget.

At 12am we started the cofee break, which ended at 20 past 12. After that the head of the project Patricija Bajec explained in detail the project background, which included reasons of the project and project priorities (two horizontal priorities and one VET priority). She then continued with presentation of genetal project details (title, reference number, duration, funding etc.), six main project scopes, five project activities, their leaders and responsibilities of the leader and duration of the project. Then she presented in detail four project outputs and their deadlines. After that she showed total budget received by Erasmus+ and timeline of partial payments. She continued with a project dissemination and sustainability and ended with presentation of Multiplier Events. At the end partners discussed some topics that were not cleared (partial payments).

At 14pm were partners invited to have a lunch break, which was organised in lecture room nr. 204. The lunch break lasted for about an hour.

After the lunch break Moncef Semichi from AFT (the leader of Activity 2. presented in brief sub-activities of A2). He started with Guidelines with curricula analysis, continued with Collection of EuropeanTransport & Logisticscurricula data, then Summary of the potential SLS training objectives, Guidelines for industry interviews and analysis, Listing of skills and competences needs, Industry survey report, Report on the SLS training objectives and Sustainability prospects report by industry interviews. By each of the above mentioned sub-activities he axplined what will be done, how will be done and till when it needs to be done. After that partnes had quite long discussion. They realized that come partners have just one curricula, some even four. Differences between curricula in different partner countries were found to be quite big. Some curricula were found to be more focused on warehouses activities, some on logistics services, the other on transport services. Then partners started to discuss the questionnaire of interviews, companies that will be intervieweed. 

The kick off ended with presentation of communication tools. Partners were asked to fill in the contact list. Then Ms. Dušica Frank presented Logo of SLS, its background and meaning. After that Ms. Tamara Pukšič presented the web-site and at the end Patricija Bajec concluded with explanation of frequency of communication.

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