The training programme will answer the following questions: who are the learners? What they need to be able to do after the training? Which competences and skills do they need to obtain? What are the modules needed to offer requested skills? What are the resources needed to offer requested skills? What learning approaches, activities and materials will be used? Who will be the trainers?

The training programme will include following elements:

(1) Identification of training modules for VET teachers and learners in logistics (4th EQF level).

(2) Competence Standard related to the SLS training according to ECVET method.

(3) Educational standard (duration, pre-requisites, learning content, training units)

(4) Guidelines for selecting learners.

(5) Available resources that are appropriate to meet the learning goal (tools, materials, equipment, classrooms etc.)

(6) Guidelines for selecting trainers.

(7) Learning approaches and methodology (face-to-face learning, blended learning, work based learning, case studies, company visits, ICT tools and simulators).

(8) Exam/Test for validating Learning Outcomes acquisition

Project partners