Referring to the CEDEFOP definition:
“COMPETENCE STANDARD refers to the knowledge, skills and/or competences linked to the practice of a job”.
It is therefore relevant to exactly define what is the meaning of knowledge, skills and competences.

COMPETENCE: The ability to apply learning outcomes adequately in a defined context (education, work, personal or professional development).

KNOWLEDGE: The outcome of the assimilation of information through learning. Knowledge is the body of facts, principles, theories and practices that is related to a field of study or work.

SKILLS: The ability to perform tasks and solve problems

According to the last updating by the European Commission, the EQF descriptor “competence”, after a long discussion among State Members, has been changed in AUTONOMY/RESPONSIBILITY.

The methodology that will be used within the Summer Logistics School Project for the definition of the Competence Standard is the one proposed by ECVET, the official EU Credit system for Vocational Education and Training.

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