The SLS program corresponds to a complementary training session of two weeks, that will take place in summer 2019 in Lubljana, Slovenia. The targeted public is both students and teachers, and more globally anyone interested in Transport and Logistics. This final report of the second activity of the Erasmus + Summer Logistics School program was prepared under the coordination of AFT, with the participation of all stakeholders in the project. Its purpose is to summarize all the sub-activities carried out under activity 2, which is the definition of SLS training objectives.

As part of activity 2, the EQF level 4 diplomas to be analyzed in the four partner countries Croatia, France, Italy and Slovenia were firstly defined, and then the data were collected in collaboration with the partner schools. In order to analyze the training offer, two tools were used: the SWOT, which allows to detect the strengths and weaknesses of an element (Strenghts, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats); and the KSC, which define the Knowledges, Skills and Competences required for a given job position, in this case for the positions to which the degrees that we have analyzed lead.

Following this phase of analysis of the training offer, surveys in each of the project member countries were carried out by interviewing professionals, managers and HR responsibles. The purpose of these surveys was to define, for the positions covered by our program, which gaps could be identified by companies for new entrants into the profession.

This final report arrives at a third stage: based on the weak points of the current training offer and on the points of improvement indicated by the companies, it will define the main topics that the Summer Logistics School training program will have to address.

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