This report is the second preparative step to define the training objectives of the Summer Logistics School (SLS). Indeed, the SLS project aims to develop a summer school programme in the field of transport and logistics that will be implemented in summer 2019 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The objective of this Summer Logistics School is to provide additional knowledge, know-how and skills in relation to the current VET training offer in the different member countries of the project.

After an analysis of the existing training offers, it was important to know the industry’s needs in terms of professional knowledge and competences. This report is a synthesis of the national reports that have been produced by the four core partners of the project. The national reports were produced by each of the partners thanks to interviews conducted in different companies. The objective here is to determine the level of competence of newcomers for the categories of employment to which the training courses lead that we had identified in the first step. The purpose of this report is to summarize the points that have emerged as being mastered by newcomers, and to highlight those that merit further investigation. This will be the basis for the definition of the SLS training objectives.

This report is divided in two main sections. In the first section, we will make a summary of the situation regarding the level of skill of newcomers to the work market in the transport and logistics sector. Its objective is to show skills that appeared to be managed on one side, and on the other side skills that appeared to be deepened. The second section of the report includes all national reports, with all the details that appeared during companies’ interviews

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