First of all, it is necessary to recall the general objective of the project. The aim is to propose, by the summer of 2019, a summer school program in the field of transport and logistics. This Summer School will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and will bring together speakers from different European countries. The objective of the Summer School will be to provide additional knowledge, know-how and skills in relation to the current VET training offer in the different member countries of the project.

In the context of the project development, this report is located upstream. Indeed, its purpose is to make an inventory of the current training offer of the countries involved in the project. To do so, partners carried out a SWOT in order to analyze their respective national training programs and to summarize positive aspects but also negative or missing parts of the existing curricula. This report summarizes the findings of these four SWOT analyses and mainly stresses the points that are considered as weak. Latter may serve as a basis for the future establishment of the Summer Logistics School program.

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