Referring to the CEDEFOP definition:
“COMPETENCE STANDARD refers to the knowledge, skills and/or competences linked to the practice of a job”.
It is therefore relevant to exactly define what is the meaning of knowledge, skills and competences.

COMPETENCE: The ability to apply learning outcomes adequately in a defined context (education, work, personal or professional development).

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The SLS first edition will be held from 9

th to 14th September 2019. While in Slovenia and Croatia the school year starts at the beginning of September, in Italy it starts around mid-month, therefore lectures might not have started yet for the Italian students it the SLS was organised in early September.

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The SLS program corresponds to a complementary training session of two weeks, that will take place in summer 2019 in Lubljana, Slovenia. The targeted public is both students and teachers, and more globally anyone interested in Transport and Logistics. This final report of the second activity of the Erasmus + Summer Logistics School program was prepared under the coordination of AFT, with the participation of all stakeholders in the project. Its purpose is to summarize all the sub-activities carried out under activity 2, which is the definition of SLS training objectives.

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